Everything You Need To Know About Golf Wagering Types & Jargon

Golf gambling is a major sport that is bet on by gamblers from around the world. With the number of different tournaments, betting options and huge fields, gamblers always find amazing opportunities with a range of different odds. In this beginner-friendly guide, we are going to explore the different wagers you can make and the industry jargon. Let’s get started!

What Wagers Can You Make to Win Big?

There are so many different ways to gamble on golf matches and tournaments. With so much variation, gamblers never have to worry about the action drying up. Below are some of the most popular forms of the wagers: 

  • Outright: This involves predicting a certain player to win the tournament. As there are often over 100 players in a field, you can find some amazing odds which may payout over 200:1.
  • Placing: In this case, you are wagering on a player to achieve a certain place such as top 10, 5 or 3. You won’t receive as long odds as you would for an outright bet, but your risk is also lower.
  • Matchup: Bookmakers offer head-to-head betting where they will pit two players against each other, typically if they are of similar ranking or are partnered for the round. You can bet on one player to win the round or post a lower overall score for the tournament.
  • Round betting: With round gambling, you may pick a player to win an individual round instead of the whole tournament. If you know, certain golfers have strong first rounds betting on them can be a winning strategy.
  • Props: Golf prop wagers allow you to wager on specific outcomes such as the hole in ones, what score a player is going to shoot on a specific whole or for the tournament. They are fun but are often very risky.
  • Futures: A futures bet involves predicting the outcome of an event far in the future that usually takes months or a year to complete. For example, gambling on a player to achieve the number 1 ranking by the end of the year.

As you see, you will never get bored gambling on golf because you could always try a new type of bet. However, we recommend you focus on one particular style as this is going to give you the best chance of winning!

Golf Wagering Jargon and Terms

Golf wagering has some unique terms. Below you are going to find a list of commonly used jargon:

  • Favorites: These are golfers that the bookmakers think is going to win. Bookmakers determine favorites by analyzing world rankings and previous performances.
  • Long shots: Long shots are the opposite of favorites and are not expected to win. Gamblers may receive huge odds by backing a long shot.
  • Parlay: A parlay is where you combine multiple bets together, and you only win if all of your predictions come true. Parlays allow you to win large amounts of money from small stakes.

Thanks to our guide, you will not be bamboozled by any strange gambling jargon and will know all the different options on offer. Your next step is placing some bets and trying out these different wagers with real money!